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Yvonne - Partner

As one of the partners of Excelsior & Buzzard Valley, Yvonne is a major role in the company. Often complaining about the cold, but that’s because she stands around all day on the computer and nattering to customers. Yvonne enjoys dining out for posh meals and fine wines but also loves beans on toast in front of the telly!

Leon - Partner

Leon is Yvonne’s partner in the firm and is her younger sibling, but looking at him you wouldn’t think it. Leon is constantly all over the estate, either tasting wine in the winery or asleep down the field in his van.  Scrapheap challenge has nothing on Leon, he should have been part of the A-Team as he can make anything out of nothing..

Rich - Warehouse Manager

Rich has been with us since 1995 and is considered as part of the furniture now.  Even though he doesn’t like it here, it pays for his beer!  Rich’s job roles are pretty much anything Yvonne doesn’t want to do.  Rich’s interests are going to the pub, and lager.  


The newest member of the team, joining us in October 23. Lil Micky has experience in warehouse work and using ladders as he’s a very little man. Already he needs help reaching the top shelf but finds it easy reaching the dustpan. Micky loves are socialising, sports and ladders.

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