Valentine’s Day is a day that celebrates love and romance. It’s a holiday that brings couples (and friends!) together with cards and gifts, as well as a day that gives people the excuse to make special plans, from romantic dinner and drinks to weekend getaways.

If you’re the owner of a venue, this is exactly why you need to embrace the romantic festivities. Whether you own a hotel, bar or restaurant, Valentine’s Day will bring in couples from all around, looking to celebrate their love in an extra special way.

So, how should you go about decorating your venue to go with the mood of the day? We’ve got some top tips to make sure you’re doing all you can to appeal to couples looking for a nice, romantic way to spend their Valentine’s Day.

Plan ahead

Don’t leave 14th February plans for your venue until the last minute. When it comes to days like Valentine’s Day, it’s important to remember that people will be looking to book early on. They want to sort and secure their plans after all!

This is why you want to make sure that these potential customers know that you’re going to be making the effort with your venue to make it an extra special night for them. It doesn’t take much to plan ahead, and as the owner of a venue, you should be well aware of all the annual dates that are a cause of celebration to make the most of your business.

Promote it

By planning in advance, you give yourself the time and ability to work on a proper promotional campaign so you can really spread the word for your event! This can be as simple as putting up posters in your restaurant or bar, or creating a social media campaign to boost awareness of your venue or event across platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

It’s a good idea to include special deal or offers in your promotional campaigns too. It provides people with more of an incentive to choose your venue and event over others. For example, if you are a restaurant, you can offer an extra special set menu for those tables for two. Another idea is to give those that book early on a unique offer.

A bit of promotion will let people know what you’re planning for Valentine’s Day celebrations and encourage them to get their bookings in. Remember, February 14th will come up quicker than you think, so start promoting in January time. Not only will you spread the word on a wider basis this way, but you will also help to cure some January blues by giving your customers something to look forward to!

Give a gift

Treat your booking customers and their loved ones to a Valentine’s gift on the day. Whether you’re the owner of a hotel or restaurant, it’s a really charming idea to present your guests or visitors with gifts. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive – it could be as simple as a cotton bag of heart-shaped chocolates on the table, or a red rose on the bed. If you have a creative hand, you could even DIY it! All you need is the right materials and you can really brighten someone’s day.

Match the music

On the day or night of the event, you want to make sure you get your music just right. Music and sound is so important to creating any desired atmosphere; it can make a real difference to an evening or event. Pick your playlist wisely! You need it to suit both your venue and your audience – what do you think they’ll be looking for? You could even look at getting in a talented musician if it suited the occasion.

Dive into the décor

Valentine’s Day is all about red and pink details and heart-shaped things, so you don’t need to hold back when it comes to decorating your venue. Of course, the degree of how much you take on from the day’s bold and bright theme can depend on the general vibe of your shop or venue and the overall appearance you are looking for.

From heart-shaped items and heart-shaped confetti decorating your tables to garlands and bunting hanging at your windows, you can decorate to make sure your guests feel warm and romantic on their Valentine’s Day. Again, you can even get creative yourself and play around with different arts and crafts. Love is in the air, and all that!

Create the right atmosphere

As a venue owner, you will already know just how important it is to create a great atmosphere for your guests and visitors. What can be described as a ‘great atmosphere’ can vary between venues, as what is deemed great for one venue might not be as great for another.

You want to create the perfect setting for couples and loved ones which can be easily done with the combination of music and decoration. Think about the symbols of love, the appealing atmosphere candles can create, and how beautiful and charming your venue will look covered in flowers and balloons. Remember that Valentine’s Day is a popular day for proposals too so you really want your visitors to feel the love!