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Inspiration: Learn & Create

Learn, Create & Inspire!


How to create an Christmas wreath with - Oasis Floral

How to make a Christmas wreath

Create the base. First, you need a wreath base - choose from a wire ring or a fresh spruce wreath. ...

Pick the theme. Decide how you will decorate your wreath. ...

Attach the stems. ...

Wrap the twine. ...

Add the Christmas decorations. ...

Wrap up the wreath.



How to create an autumn flower arrangement with - Donald Yim

Check out these beautiful fall floral arrangements created by the incredibly talented @Donald Yim AIFD . Autumn is an amazing time of year as we get to see some of the most warming and rich flower arrangements like these- We stock a large range of autumn flowers and accessories so be sure to give them a browse!


What are the best products for creating Floral Garlands


OASIS® Ideal Floral Netted Garland - 12 cylinders in a protective netting, 2.6 metres in length. Typically used to make hanging arrangements over doorways and archways. Ideal for weddings, parties and other functions, versatile enough to be used to decorate stairways, tables, staircases and fireplaces.


Perfect Day Wedding Flowers.

The wedding arch is just as important as the rest of the wedding décor as this will be the first impression of the wedding that guests will experience. The wedding arches you create set the scene for your clients and can create an intimate and timeless ceremony.

We love this lush and natural greenery wedding arch created by Perfect Day Wedding Flowers. It complements the church setting without detracting from the church’s naturally essence and beauty

Giggling Squid

Giggling Squid -

Giggling Squid is all about the spirit of Thai mealtimes - plentiful dishes, exotic ingredients and bold flavours. So why not bring that into your image?

Giggling Squid - Chelmsford have perfectly encapsulated everything that their restaurant is about with silk flowers and greenery selected from our huge ranges at Excelsior. They created a fresh and colourful look for their restaurant to further enhance their customer experience.


Facaldo Flowers

Have you seen these fantastic wreaths by Facaldo Flowers? These beautiful wreaths were made using our vintage flower range. Facaldo Flowers specialises in luxury wedding flowers. Feel free to browse their full catalogue of amazing products on their Etsy page at Thank you so much for sharing these creations with us - we love them!

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